Glasses for children

Give your child the best eyesight possible

Children are at a crucial point in their development in every aspect, including physical development, social skills and education.

This is why it is crucial to detect any vision problems that may not have been recognised previously.

By spotting eye conditions early it is easier to manage and correct them so that your child's eyesight is at its maximum capabilities.
Learn what signs to look out for to discover if a child has an eyesight problem
Learn about the causes and treatments of eye conditions
Support your child's eye health
Discover lenses made for children
Spot signs of eye conditions
Learn causes and treatments of eye conditions
Support good eye health
Visual solutions made for a modern life

Essilor's ultimate guide to children's glasses

From spotting the first signs of an eye condition, to what causes them, all the way through correcting and managing them.

Download our easy to understand guide for children's glasses.

Discover our range of lens solutions for children's glasses

Eyezen single vision lenses for kids
Transitions photochromic lenses for kids
Crizal coatings for kids glasses

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